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I have no idea why he's giving you muscle relaxers!?! Do you have Fibro? If you're seeing a GP - go see a rheumatologist instead. (and if you are seeing a rheumy, go see a different one!;))

Rheumatologists don't just treat rheumatic diseases, they treat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis too.

I take Rx Clinoril for my rheumatoid. It's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). You should probably be on one too, like Clinoril or Mobic, or at the very least prescription strength Ibuprofen! How's your stomach? NSAIDs can be tough on the tummy. I take 40mg Pepcid everyday too.
Hi Pepper:)
I have OA both knees and left shoulder and hips, I did not have much joy as others do with physio's etc, I found out what helped me myself, everyone is individual and you may need to see what works, I take tablets only if needed and with food, you need to watch your weight, keep moving, perhaps trying Ibuprofen gel to rub in, magnetic therapy, swimming, cold packs for inflammation, and read up what others do to help them, the doctors are keen to put you on medication but I found most did not agree with me so only use when I have over done things, building up muscle tone is important, I have now had a partial knee and it has now helped the pain in the knee's I am 48years old and intend to do most things and even though I am stiff in the mornings, I will not let OA beat me.:cool: