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For years I took a lot of ibuprofen. Never an overdose, of course, but more than I really liked taking. 30 years after the first fusion, I had a second one. I had developed early onset osteoporosis, and my lower spine that wasn't fused broke down. I lost 3 inches in height and was in excrutiating pain. This time they re-fused up into the old fusion and also went all the rest of the way down. I'm now fused from T4 to sacrum. That causes its own problems. I take Vicodin everyday, lay down at least once during the day everyday, and have a few other little things that help: a TENS Unit, a muscle relaxer, prescription strength ibuprofen, etc. I will always have some pain, but I'm way better off than before this last surgery.

I hope you get the help you need. Have you gotten a second opinion?

Emily :wave: