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Hiya Josh & thank you for your reply.

I was hoping it wasn't a disc problem. Are you more prone to disc problems if you've had one in the past? The pain truly is unbearable. I can walk but slowly & more at a hobble. My legs feel "different". It's hard to explain. It feels similar to pins & needles but more like when it first starts.

What is Soma? I've never heard of this before. I've tried co-codamol & paracetaol. I can't take anything containing asprin or ibuprofen because I'm allergic. I've got a therma pad on at the moment but isn't helping. But at least I'll have a warm back ;)

Any tips on how to manage a bath? I really don't want to ask my mum to help me as it's far too embarassing. She helped me dress this morning & that was embarassing enough. :eek: