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Sorry you are in so much pain, people on this board sure know how it feels. Of course we cannot diagnose you, but I can just give a guess at some possibilites. It could be an arthritic condition as many of them have symptoms of morning stiffness and feeling better as you move around. It almost sounds like you might be having low back spasms; but you would have to be checked by a doctor to find out why the spasms or pain is occuring. It could just be muscle strain, pull, or injury, or it could be due to some compression in the spine. It's possible it could even be related to something else in the lower torso.

Can you describe how the pain feels? Also, does the pain seem to radiate or shoot out away from your back, like into your buttocks or down your leg(s)?

For the time being, you might want to try to take some over the counter Ibuprofen or Aleve, if it's available to you. Or some other anti-inflammatory. You can also try using a heating pad over the area or even ice. Or you can see if you can find over the counter heat patches and things like that. If the pain continues, especially if longer than 2 weeks..then you should see a doctor.