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I am now 7 weeks post-decompression L4-5 fusion and doing well - I return to work next week. I was told to stop taking Ibuprofen (Motrin, etc.) several weeks before my surgery and I did so. My question is can I now return to using Iburprofen? Simple enough question to ask the doc but it's Sunday and I know you guys and gals work 24/7 :)

PS: I am taking over-the-counter Tylenol now for discomfort.
Good question...and the answer is "NO." Most docs will NOT let you take any ibuprofen type product (Advil, aleve, aspirin, NSAIDs) for about 6 months or until there are solid signs of fusion. I cannot give you a scientific explanation but it affects the blood platelets and slows down the fusion. process. Stick with Tylenol.