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Yes, sorry, I do know exactly how it is with the medical bills! I'm dealing with that now myself. Well, it could be that you lifted wrong one day and if you keep doing it, it will keep aggravating whatever you strained or pulled or whatever happened. It might be spasms, as I know it's terrible to try to move with spasms. But spasms tell the body that something is wrong; so the muscles go into spasms as a protective mechanism to protect the area around it. That is why it hurts to move, b/c the spasms are telling you not to move. Sometimes you don't even know that you did something wrong. It could be just the slightest movement the wrong way and all of a sudden you are in pain. That has happened to me, too.

If you haven't yet...you might want to at least try to take some Ibuprofen or Aleve continuously as per their directions. Such as every 4 to 6 hours so that it builds up in your system. They are anti-inflammatories, so maybe they might help some. Also, you can try icing the area on & off, but that is usually best when pain first happens. One good thing (if it is spasms) to do is to put moist heat over the area. You can find moist heating pads in the drugstores or big chain store pharmacy sections. They also have over the counter stick on heat patches, or other stick on OTC pain patches you can try. Personally moist heat works best for me.