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I have had this pain now for over 2 months, it is not getting better, it is getting worse. In the morning I am my worse, and wince in pain until the pain medicine and muscle relaxants kick in. If I move to the right, the pain hurts like ****.

I have no idea what I did except a couple of months ago, I leaned over a hard object, screamed in pain, and here I am. What have I done? I mentioned it to my new doctor the other day, but she did not check it out. I have my complete physical on Friday, and plan to mention it. At first I was scared that it was something like my kidneys or liver due to taking too much ibuprofen, I know I might worry too much, so I switched to acetaminaphin.

It is painful to the touch, hurt to breathe, and move. I try to stretch in the morning to make it easier to move but I am stuck with this pain everyday, along with my jaw pain, and fibro pain. Could this be my fibromyalgia or costochronditis?

Theh pain is hard to explain, but not going away. I do not know how else to expain it, but I really cannot move without pain unless I use muscle relaxants.

Has anybody ever experienced this pain, what is it, and how do I get help?

Thank you,