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I agree that it might be a muscle strain and that you might be suffering from back spasms, which can be extremely painful. The way you describe the pain from your movements sure sounds typical of spasms (not being able to get up, or twisting or lifting. If it is spasms, then spasms are a protective mechanism to stop you from doing certain things in order to protect an area that's been injured in some way. So you might want to take it easy for a few days and in the mean time, try some ibuprofen as directed (take it exactly as the bottle says - every 4 to 6 hours so it can build up to therapeutic levels in your system). You might also want to try to buy a moist heating pad to put over the painful area. But don't relax for too long...try to do other things or exercise, except if that one area is still painful, take it easy on things that affect that area. And if it lasts & doesn't get better after about 2 weeks, you sould consult a doctor.