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I can tell you some of the questions I asked before my surgery:

Will I have a brace? If so, how long will I need to wear it? (Yes, 3-5 months whenever up except in the shower.)

How long to abstain from sex? (Hubby's question, of course. First answer: 1 year. Doc grinned and said he always tells the husband that because he likes to watch the expression on their face! Then he said the real answer is 6 weeks, and at that point, the person who had surgery needs to only be on the bottom and flat.)

How long to not drive? (6 weeks.)

Will I need a walker after surgery? (To be determined after surgery. If necessary, I'd be discharged with one. The hospital may also provide other equipment, depending on the insurance policy.)

What kind of metal will be in me? Will it set off metal detectors? (Mostly titanium. It probably won't set off detectors, but if you have a lot, it might. Some detectors are more sensitive than others.)

Will they use bone from my hip or "donor" bone? (Donor bone for me, plus BMP, a protein matter that helps get bone growth going.)

Will I be able to go upstairs once I get home? How long do I have to stay up there? (Go up and down as often as you want, said his mouth. But his eyes said, you're not going to want to. I went up and down once a day for the first couple of weeks.)

Do I use an enema prior to surgery? (No, they don't do that anymore.)

Is there a weight limit guideline for lifting after surgery? (Yes, 5 pounds.)

How common is it for the fusion not to happen? (Not very common, but I was at higher risk, so they did the 360 on me -- higher success rate -- and also gave me a bone growth stimulator.)

Is there anything I can take (vitamin, etc.) that will help me to have a strong fusion? Are there things I shouldn’t take (caffeine, ibuprofen, etc.). Is it okay to take my vitamins, Fosamax, and calcium up to the day of surgery? What about percocet? (There are no vitamins, etc., that will help. Just eat a well balanced diet. No ibuprofen, regular meds are fine up to the day before surgery.)

Will I have staples, regular stitches, or dissolving stitches? (Staples in the front, dissolving stitches in the back.)

Can I use a vibrating massager on my neck? (Yes.)

Is it possible to get a temporary handicapped parking permit? (Yes.)

Is it okay to use a heating pad after surgery for leg cramps? (Yes.)

What should I expect my limitations to be and for how long? How long sitting in a time span, how long to be up and around, etc. (Doctors tend to downplay this. Plan to mostly be in bed for the first month, maybe longer.)

First follow-up appt when? Make appt today? (1 week. Make appt after discharge.)

That's about all I can think of. You probably already thought of most of these, but it's always a good question. Sometimes even one question you hadn't thought of makes a difference.

Keep as busy as you can in the last week or two. It helps!

Emily :wave: