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Good morning everyone I haven't posted in a couple of days .I've been pretty busy. Friday afternoon my dog I call her Baby had pups I was so worried, this was her first litter and mine. She is a Jack Russell and very small I thought that she would only have 2 or 3 pups,But she ended up with "7". I couldn't believe it.
We went out and bought some milk for pups and a bottle to help her feed them because we didn't think she could handle that many but needless to say she is doing just fine.The pups are so cute.
Saturday we had football games all night .My youngest ran the ball for the first time this year and he made a TOUCHDOWN!! the first one his team has made all season.
Sunday my husband surprised me and brought home a tredmill He knew that i had been wanting one soooo bad.He can be sweet when he wants to be.

Snoppy- [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/birthday.gif[/img]
Happyphantom-Have you tried imitrex? it worked wonders for me.
SM-sorry about your dads accident.My DH is a truckdriver and I worry alot

everyone else have a wonderful no cheat day!!!