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This is just a gut feeling, but I think the men in your office are probably feeling sorry for your loss. Generally men have been "trained" not to show emotion and keep "home" separate from "work". They would feel uncomfortable with your loss as they simply don't know how to respond! Another woman would surely have offered some words of comfort because women are comfortable with these sort of emotions. Don't assume that these men don't feel badly for you. In the same situation they are expected to "tough it out" and leave it at home and are possibly worse off for it.
I would just carry on. Your credentials speak for themselves and are impressive or you would not have been hired in the first place. There are always some hiccups when you begin a new job and in a short time this will all have been forgotten. They may even find it refreshing to have a female viewpoint and a little emotion in their office!
As far as the migraines go, such is life. When I am too late with my Imitrex and get to the point of vomiting the world stops in my dark bedroom and nothing else matters. So sorry, so sad, too bad, but nothing can be helped now. You had it, it's over, get back to work and show them what you're made of.
Early in my marriage I got up xmas am, did the Santa thing with the kids and made up the dish to take to the in-laws. Then, kaboom, it hit. I spent xmas day curled up on the bathroom floor while hubby took the kids to his Mom's. They thought I was a pansy. (they don't get migraines) I didn't care then and I don't care now. I think the men in the office will roll all of your circumstances up into one bundle and a few weeks from now all will be forgotten. I sure would like to know about these shots though! Your migraines sound like mine..pain starting at the base of the skull. What are the shots all about? You have your roomate...would I be able to *****ister them myself? I wouldn't be able to get to a hospital once a migraine has started, but my cousin is a nurse and lives down the street. I would like to discuss this with my doctor.
I would like to hear from any men. How would you have responded to this poster's emotional dilemma at work? Am I correct in that men would respond differently than women?
Finally, please accept my condolences on your loss. You must be heartbroken. Don't worry about work, there are laws now, they can't touch you and as I said before, in a few weeks it will all be forgotten and your expertise will overide and memory of these events..Take Care...Tagger

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