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I would love to know if anyone else suffers from a similar situation to mine. Ever since I was 10 I've had migraines (they run on my mom's side of the family). Sometime after being in college they became more frequent, and since graduating and moving to Houston they are almost a daily occurence. Sometimes they are not full blown migraines, but they still have the throbbing and sensitivity to noise and light. When I lived in Dallas I had a doctor I went to for over 10 years and he knew my whole history of headaches. He eventually had me on a treatment of Zomig and Vicodin ES. Sometimes I will go for a couple of weeks with a chronic headache, and will take one Vicodin twice daily and it will keep the pain away. When the pain becomes full blown, Zomig will usually work. When that doesn't, taking an extra dose of the vicodin helps. Since moving to Houston I have been in search of a doctor who will continue me on the same treatment as it was working for me. I also have to mention that I no longer have insurance. So the first doc I went to cost $130 initial patient fee. She said I should not be on vicodin for migraines AT ALL! She put me on Inderal, a beta-blocker, due to the fact that my migraines/headaches can be chronic at times. While on Inderal, I would still have bad migraines. She gave me a prescription for Zomig, which cost me $180 for 9 pills! So I am very weary of taking the zomig due to their being so damn expensive. After 3 months of being on the Inderal I started to notice bad memory loss and times where I could not say what was right on my tongue. Then one day I had what felt like 2 mini-seizures in one hour. I decided to quit the Inderal and stop seeing that doctor because she made me feel like some sort of crack head for wanting Vicodin for my migraines. I eventually found another doctor, paid the huge initial patient fee, and explained my problem to him. He gave me lots of samples of zomig, which was a big help. He also wrote a prescrition for #16 Vicodin ES. He warned my not to take them unless it was an emergency and said I should not take one a day to ward off the headaches. I was upset by this and feeling very robbed, since I was spending so much but not getting the help I needed. When I went to refill the prescription about 2 months later he contacted me and said I should go and see another neurologist and get put back on beta-blockers. He knew I had done and tried that route before, but he refused to fill the vicodin. He said to stick to the zomig otherwise. I've heard doctors give the excuse that they do not want to put a patient on a narcotic pain killer for chronic pain due to the risk of addiction. But apparently they think I would be better off taking a medicine that makes me have horrible memory loss and weird dizzy spells. I'm only 23 years old, and that feeling of forgetting something from the day before, especially around my workplace, was so embarassing. I feel so angry at the medical community! I need some advise as to what I should do. I wish I could find a doctor who believes that my past treatment was what worked best for me. Oh yeah, I've also tried Imitrex and Relpax, but for some reason they seem to make me feel worse and more nauseous. Does anybody else out there have these problems?? I've heard about pain management clinics, but I was under the assumption that they tried to use non-narcotic methods to keep the pain away. Would they be willing to help someone in my situation (migraines, severe headaches)? I would very much appreciate any suggestions or even hear others similar problems and what they did. Also, if anybody is familiar with the houston area and knows of a great sympathetic doc PLEASE let me know! [ removed ]

Thank You and God Bless Everyone Who Suffers From Chronic Pain! :wave:
Hi Marlena, I know exactly how you feel. I too have had daily chronic headaches and migraines for a very long time. 2 out 0f 3 times I end up at the ER because my meds at home don't work. The hospital always acts as if I'm a druggy just there for drugs and that really ticks me off too. My docs have me on phenergan suppositories and maxalt and I was on imitrex but like you it never worked. Most of the time the maxalt don't work either. I'm going to an ortho doc in a few weeks because of degenerate disk desease in my neck. I really think my neck is the reason I get so many headaches. Have you ever had neck problems or a whiplash or just some kind of injury to your neck? If so I would look into that as maybe a source. Sorry that I don't have any advice for you but I hope that you do find a doc that is understanding about your pain and will help. Maybe someday the medical profession will understand what we are going through and be more understanding and willing to help. Good luck and God bless you. take care.