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I suffer from frequent migraines, sometimes I go through bouts of what seems like chronic headaches because they aren't as bad as the migraines but they still hurt like hell. In the past I've taken Zomig and Vicodin ES for my migraines/headaches. All the normal overthe counter stuff never helps, Imitrex and Relpax make my migraines worse and make me super nauseous. Tried Inderal, a beta-blocker, but quit due to some very scary memory loss and what felt like seizures.

I moved to Houston over a year ago and the two doctors I've seen are quite adament about keeping me off the Vicodin ES for the pain of migraines. Do others face this same problem? I would like to hear from others who suffer from migraines or chronic severe headaches and what treatments they are on. What works best for you? I'm feeling very desperate to get rid of my pain, and taking zomig for every migraine isn't supposed to be safe (can lead to strokes in some?) not to mention I cannot afford the $22 a pill since I do not have insurance. Please Help! :confused:
i currently take relpax, but since it makes yours worse.... and imitrex doesn't work for you, like it didn't work for me. if you can try a combo of demeral and valium. went i was at school at the university of new mexico, that's when i began getting migraines, and that's what they prescribed me (pill form). to this day i feel it was the best relief. i also tried a medication that started with an "M"... and there was a "z" in it... i wish i could remember the name, but its one of those hard things to remember... it worked really well too. if i can think of it i will for sure let you know.
msdrea, were you thinking of Maxalt?(I know it doesn't have a z in it) That's what I take for my migraines. Imitrex never worked for me.
My hubby takes Zomig. What's this about not taking it for every migraine? He takes on almost every other day!

The cheapest way to kill a migraine is a cup of coffee, a Pepsi and two Excedrin the minute you feel one coming on. I wish I could say this works all the time but it has occasionally saved me. Good luck in your search.-Mush
I used to have constant, chronic migraines. I too found Imitrex made my headaches worse. Actually any of the drugs in that family had the same effect. Mine were finally brought under control using a daily combination of Effexor and Depakote, and I took Midrin (an oldie but a goodie for me) for breakthrough migraines. The only problem with Effexor is that it's very tough to stop. Even a gradual approach can be difficult.

Fortunately mine are now history - I've got enough other pain to deal with. Good luck!!!
I am not able to take any of the meds for migraines like Imitrex, Zomig, Amerge, et.al. due to heart problems and the potential risk of heart attack from the drug....My doc just wouldn't let me even try them. So it was straight up narcotics for me.......My doc had me taking Fioranal #3 and Tylenol #3 and I would alternate every other headace. I was having headaches daily some would last a week or two weeks....About 4 times a year I would go to the hospital for an IV drip of dem/phen or something similar.....

In April I started taking Topamax. I've only had one headach since April.....I take 75 mg of Topamax at night. It's a preventative....You don't have to wait for the pain, then use the med....it totally prevents the pain. For me it has been my WONDER/MIRACLE drug. Topamax is actually an anti-seizure med, but has been used recently with MUCH success with migraine sufferers. I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER. Now if I could just get rid of this L5 rupture that is imping the S1 nerve....I'd be good as new. Oh and I should tell you that Topamax has a "side effect".....weight loss..... :) I've lost a total of 60 pounds and still losing :bouncing: ....and No headaches to boot....Not bad for a gal who had two and three headaches a day with classic "aura"....

Good luck in your search. Ask your Doc about Topamax. It is very expensive. My co-pay is $42 for a month's supply (90 pills). That's the max I pay for any prescription. But it's well worth it to be pain free from the migraines.

Here's hoping we all have many pain free days in the near future! :angel:

Well I see doctors are the same everywhere, with not really wanting to HELP the patient. I Have had migraines/daily chronic headache for 15 years now. Been treated with Depakote, Maxalt, Imitrex then back to Maxalt because the Imitrex made me sick as a dog and never worked. I also had to go from phenergan (pills) to Phenergan suppositories because of all the vomiting (which is an every migraine occurance now). The Maxalt works about 1 out of 3 times now,which the other 2 times it's off to the ER for a shot or IV of Demeral or Morphine. I have also used "Migra Spray" . It works pretty good on the migraines that aren't "brain splitting". You can also try the hot and cold therapy. Have someone heat a wet cloth as hot as you can stand it and lay it on your neck for about 4 or 5 minutes, then put a cold wet cloth on for the same time. Keep alternating for like 3 times a piece. It can give some relief. I also use visualization at times. Like close your eyes and imagine your hands in warm water. Sounds crazy but sometimes it takes the mind of the pain. Hope you find some relief. Take Care.
I also found that Imitrex made my migranes worse! My doctor keeps giving me samples and one made my head burn and the other makes me even more nausous. I have been perscribed Effexor, but I feel so "fake" happy on it. Does this happen to you? I was trying to look up Dr.'s online but I can't think of what head doctor is called... anyone know?
Im 35 now and have been getting migraines since I was 18. My mother has always had them as well as her mother. I've tried the Imitrex, same thing as everybody else, it made me very sick. Since then I've taken Fioricet as soon as I feel one starting and it stops it immediately. A few years ago, I hit my head and had to go to the ER..while I was there I got a migraine. They said they'd give me something for it, I figured Demerol or something for pain. Through my IV they gave me Compazine, which is used for nausea. Took the migraine away in a few minutes. The nurse told me that they found it works for migraines and its much safer than Demerol or any narcotic. Thats the only time Ive heard of that even now, but it really worked.
My mother can't take any medication for her migraines because of all the other medications that shes on, she simply uses an ice pack on her head and the back of her neck. Takes a lot longer, but eventually works.

Have a great, pain free, day!!