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since i was 7 id have migraines at least once a week up until i was about 11. since i was about 10 i'd black out and since then i've gotten very bad dizzy spells. i've also had really bad chronic headaches that'd last me up to 2 weeks.. which i've now found out may possibly be migraines. for the past few years i've also had very strange vision... which i've made a post about somewhere on these boards. i haven't gotten a single answer from doctors on any of this! when i was a kid i was told my migraines weren't often enough for treatment (ya, i'd like to see them have a migraine a week), and nobody ever believed that i'd black out. no doctor has ever really done much about any of it..
anyway, i'm just wondering what all this can be. i'm very tired and frustrated with it all.
what happens with the black outs, they aren't actual fainting spells. i feel dizzy, then i fall... i feel every single thing, i hear every single thing. i'm completly conscious of what is happening. my doctor back home thinks it's far from a normal fainting spell but is pretty slow on trying to get it figured out. i have done an eeg and worn a heart monitor for a day. both were normal. blood work seemed normal too.
since my migraines have seemed to slow down, i've been getting really bad headaches... i recently went to the hospital for this and eyesight and was told that it sounded like i was still having migraines and it was causing my sight to go weird on me. but the imitrex she gave me doesn't fix the sight problem... makes my head feel better but things i see are still strange.
is it just coincidence all these things are happening? or can they be linked up somehow.. and what could possibly be causing it? i'm so frustrated.. i feel like there's always something wrong with me, but really they're all things that i've had since i was young.. :(