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Hey Dave, Guess what -

I've been in so much pain - my migraines came back (believe it or not I think the morphine causes them - dilaudid does, and when the hospital told me to take more dilaudid it got worse and worse until I convinced them to give me Imitrex - the same with the morphine these last 3 weeks) and my shoulder, neck, knee pain came back - i just hurt everywhere, and if 3 weeks of morphine isn't gonna do it... I called my doc and he told the nurse I can go back on the meth if I want. I think it will work better, I've taken so little, and none for like 3 days then 20-40mg then none again..All I've done today is cry....

So all those brand names you mentioned were fine except mallinkrodt as far as the meth? I have a problem - I go to Walmart Pharmacy - they are awesome with me and they never blink when people come in with high amounts of pain meds - I had to wait a day once because one guy came in with a script for almost 300 40mgdisks (I get 150) and wiped them out and they had none for me! But all they order is mallinkrodt! I asked a fairly new pharmacyst if they had other brands of mthadone but he said no. My doc just writes a script for methadone i think, not methadose, so if he writes it for methadone, should I ask the pharmacyst I know well if he could order another brand name? What do you think, is that an individual decision by each pharmacyst, or a Walmart thing to save money? I don't want to make a fool out of myself. I would get a little better pain relief with the same dose if I got a better quality pill is what I'm thinking - and I'm going to start my dose low - like maybe 80mg and do the 5 day thing - it's worth it to go up slowly - meth did me good for 4 or 5 years! Thanks again!!! Leia