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Hi Gabe. I haven't been on here for awhile so you are new to me. I also suffer with migraines. I'm on msc 30mg am and 60 pm and 10mg of oxyir for bt and they don't touch them. I always have to go to my doc for a shot of 100ml of demerol with gravol. I've tried a couple migraine pills, can't remember the names though and they did nothing for me. Does the imitrex help you? I've been lucky lately and haven't had a migraine for quite sometime. Good luck and I hope you get some rest.
Just out of my curiosity, have any of you tried Stadol NS? When I used to use Stadol, it greatly helped me! I know that a lot of people got addicted to it, and many states reclassified the drug as a Schedule IV. However, it helped me when nothing else worked--including Imitrex and Amerge.

When I discovered that I had Lupus and began being treated for all of my pain with the Duragesic patch, I didn't need the Stadol any longer! Plus, Stadol NS contains a partial antagonist that works against the fentanyl in the Duragesic patch.

I was curious, though, if Stadol has ever been helpful to any of you all.
Hey Marcia,

No problem about your long post! I found it very informative! ;)

I have found that chocolate, peanut butter and protein shakes that I love to drink can trigger my migraines. But both my mom and dad have them too so they passed them down to me! :rolleyes:

I take Imitrex and midrin when I have a severe migraine. I have about 5 migraines/month. It sucks but I've had them since I was 16. My mom was 5 years old when she had her first one. She gets the blurry vision which sucks. I don't get the blurry vision but I get the extreme pain just like my dad does and sometimes have had to go to the ER for morphine. Sometimes my dad will go through a cycle that will last for 5-6 days. He has to take off work and just take his Imitrex and stay in bed and sleep.

Isn't pain fun? I just love it. :D :jester: