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Thanks for the replies! :) I will ask my doctor for samples, but I don't think he has samples of Morphine or my Percocet. He probably has my Imitrex, though...

I would have responded earlier, but I went through a very rough couple of days. I started going through withdrawal because of the Morphine and it was horrible. Shakes, chills, hot flashes, running to the bathroom (if you know what I mean), giant headache...you name it, I had it. And it lasted up until the Medicaid provider decided oh-so-generously to let me have 16 pills. :rolleyes: After a couple of pills, I was almost completely better, just exhausted (and, of course, still dealing with my pain problem).

My doctor then told me that my insurance decided that as long as I take 68 or less pills of Morphine a month, they will (supposedly) approve it. I'll believe it when I see it. But, the doctor said that he will decrease me back to 2x a day of the 60mg Morphine and increase my Percocet from 5/325 to 10/325 to deal with the pain better. Hopefully it will work, I don't know because I have to wait for my sister to pick up the new Percocet for me.

I haven't looked into a health insurance pool, though that would be a good idea if we had enough income. Right now my husband just went back to work after about 1 1/2 years of being layed (sp?) off and not being able to find work. He isn't making all that much at all, so we still get food stamps and Medicaid. Frankly, at the moment there isn't much left over after paying the bills, so we wouldn't be able to pay for any kind of health insurance. And if I had to pay for my prescriptions I wouldn't be able to get any of them. But, I'll tuck that idea away for the future...

Thanks for the support! It really means a lot!

:) Michelle