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I have had trouble with my ear canals, underarms, and nipples itching. I also have ringing in my ears. I went to ENT last month and had a CT scan because along with these symptons I also had a major headache that I thought was a sinus infection. ENT said I didn't have a sinus infection and thought it might be a migraine. Lasted about three weeks??? I went home and took my imitrex which I normally only need for menstral migraines. It worked and my headache and sinus problems were gone. He said that migraines can cause sinus like symptons which I had not heard before.

Itch still there so I took a week of steriods which cured my itch. Three weeks later the itch is back. They tested for fungal and was negative. I really think that this is some type of allergy. Any suggestions? Is it a food or environmental? 36yrs so if it is an allergy, it would be new. Only other heath problems have been Gerd for about 6 years. Which I have heard can be caused by allergies.
Still itching