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It's late so I haven't read all the replies, I don't know what I will be repeating. I have been on topamax now for almost 8 weeks for migraines and back pain (unknown cause) and nerve pain in the foot from a failed surgery. I tirated up to the 100 mg, which was good becuase I really struggled with the mental functioning side effects. My migraines and daily headaches are almost completely gone and the few I have gotten I was able to quickly and completely zap with Axert (like Imitrex). I still can't 'add in my head' without thinking about it and I still sometimes loose the word I am looking for, or forget a persons name, but it is getting better - really this side effect is that the medication effects my cognitive abilities and is why this drug has the nicknames of dopamax and stupamax. The tingly fingers and toes have finally ceased and I unlike others can still drink diet sodas as long as they don't come out of a fountain. I have done lots and lots of reading about this drug and understand that in time these side effects are normal and will lessen. 100 mg is the 'normal' starting dose for migraine prevention. I do know (from my reading but I am not a doctor and you should not act on my information - I also don't work for any pharmacuetical company) that you can go up to 200 daily for migraine prevention and other mental disorders (I will not go into this). People who take this medication for seizures I understand can go up to 400 mgs a day. I would encourage you to discuss with your doctor. I have read lots of boards and posts about this drug - I know all about the weight loss - to me it is a feature - to the drug makers it was a an accidental bug. However for me this drug has helped me greatly with the migraines and my foot pain, but not a whole lot with the back pain. Hope this helps - there is a great web page if you do a good on topamax (something like the good, the bad, the funny) - it is not the main page by the drug maker - very informative.