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As everyone has said, please take this up with your doctor before taking any tramadol on your own.

Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold and you have to be very careful mixing it with other meds that may affect the same thing. I believe Neurontin is indicated for seizures too?

Aside from possible seizure issues, tramadol is also a partial serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, very similar to Cymbalta. The concern there might be serotonin symdrome.

I'm familiar with this because I take methadone, tramadol, cymbalta and imitrex, and when I pick up my meds at the pharmacy I'm constantly being given notices advising about both seizures and serotonin syndrome. All my drs are aware of the meds and the warnings and so far all is fine.

You're doing the exact right thing by asking first.

Best of Luck,