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Thanks. No problem.

My mom's weight is 174lbs. In some ways she sounds much like your aunt, as she is now taking Letrozole after taking Tamoxefin for 5 years, and takes BP and Diabetic medication. My mom hates taking pills -she complains at the amount that she has to take for her conditions besides pain. She tried Tylenol 3, Tramacet and Dilaudid, but those did not relieve her pain. (Mind you she did not give them a chance or try increased dosages.) Consequently, the patch appeared as the only option.

Interestingly enough, Duragesic 25 after 36 hours haS only diminished her pain by about half.

As for me, I have Toradol, Tylenol 3 and Imitrex for my migraine pain. When that does not work, I take 100 mg or ORAL Demerol with Gravol for nausea.