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Hello Everyone,

I am so frustrated lately with doctors. I have had to go to many appointments lately, and my boss is not happy with that. So I try not to take any time from work, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

I have been suffering from headaches for a LONG time. I told the pain doctor for OVER a year! They finally made a referral for a headache clinic. Well, I waited 6 weeks for an appointment, then when they called to remind me, I was at work. Since I didn't call back, they CANCELLED. So I wait another 6 weeks!

My appointment was at 10:30. I arrived at 10:15. I already filled out my paperwork, so I didn't need time to fill that out. And.....I waited....and waited. They didn't even call me back for an hour! I kept telling them, that I had to be back at work. Finally they call me back. The nurse asks a bunch of questions, and then tells me the doctor will be right in............

I hear the doctor and nurses talking about vacations, what happened at church, ect. for at least 30 mins, then nothing for for a while. The doctor did not even come in my room until 12:00! Then he tells me that it may be impossible to treat my headaches because of the chronic pain meds I am on. I was there for menstrual headaches, but he says it's my pain meds causing them? Only around my period???

So I cannot take Imitrex or Zomig due to horrible side effects. He tells me he wants me to take a similar med there in the office, and if I have a similar reaction, they can give me a shot to counter-act it. I told him, I have to go back to work! (By this time I have been gone almost three hours). He says then come back this afternoon and do it.

Well, I couldn't get back in time, due to my job. So I call and ask what is Plan B? The nurse tells me, just pick up the med and take it at home and tell us what happens. What?? The same med he wanted me to take there, in case a had a bad reaction?????

What is wrong with these people? This is not the first time I have had to wait forever because everyone is dallying around, then they come up with these ridiculous plans?! I used my vacation time for this appointment, and have been waiting months to see this guy...............and how am I any better for it??

Sorry for the rant everyone. I am just SO VERY FRUSTRATED!

Your Friend,

Dear Amanda,

Years ago (around 1994) when I was having recurring truly diagnosed migraine headaches, I was sent to...you guessed it...a "headache clinic". At the time, I was a school teacher and it was summer. So, I was fortunate enough to not have a time constraint hanging over me. It was a good thing, too, because I was in that so-called clinic for nearly 3 hours--just as you were.

When I went in, there was NO ONE else in the waiting room. I, too, had filled out all of my paper work, faxed it to their office, and called to verify that they received it (which they had). I was called back about 30 minutes after my appointment time. Unless his terribly heavy load of patients (sarcasm in italics) was having a session in the bathroom, I was the only visible person who didn't work there. Then...it took another 30 minutes for the doctor to enter my room.

After less than 5 minutes of examination, I was told he could Rx me Stadol Nasal Spray--which was what my Internist was already giving me.

Fortunately, my Mom was with me and was completely observant while she sat in the waiting room. She noticed that the doctor offered a limited spectrum of medications and an array of "massages", according to a large poster. I really don't mean to sound snotty when I tell you the following: This office was located in an "uppity" area. The few people that came in for their appointments while I was in the examination room were all spouses of high-paid professionals. These people divulged this information while they waited for their massages. Again, my Mom got the impression that this doctor practiced very little--other than charging excessive amounts for his "services" to those that could afford him. He did not accept any insurance--just cash or checks. However, he was kind enough to issue a receipt along with a list of so-called services that he provided.

DOG GONE IT...I went there looking for answers that went beyond Rx'ing the same meds my Internist could give me. And, there was no way I could regularly drive 2 counties over for a "massage"--especially since I would be teaching full-time, starting evening division Law School, and continuing with my Church musician's position that obligated me on Wednesday nights.

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that I was not able to use Imitrex, Amerge, Zomig, or anything that had ergot in it. Furthermore, I had been on practically every prophylactic medicine imaginable.

Finally, I absolutely understand your frustration, and I hope you know that you can vent to us at any time!

I hope you find some relief so that you can progress upward in your job! It sound like you've done everything you can do within reason. That headache doctor sounds like an absolute moron. Does he belong to the American Moron Association, the AMA?

We all wish you well!

Jon (Conductor)