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Hi rtd2112- Have you tried taking something different for your migraines? I get terrible migraines and tylenol doesn't touch them. Why not go to the doctor? There are many things you can try. There are meds you can take as soon as you feel the headache coming like imitrex or relpax Or meds you can take everyday for prevention. I myself take a very small does of inderal every night-it's actually a blood pressure med but used for migrain prevention in much smaller doses.

I agree with Kissa about the Excedrine, which is nothing more than acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. The caffeine is the kicker. I bet you can get better pain relief with two extra strength Excedrine tabs than 4 extra strength tylenol tabs. Sine I have trouble with aspirin I keep generic tylenol and caffeine tabs around. Then I break up the caffeine tabs to approximate the amount in Excedrine and take the equivalent of two.

Have you tried Imitrex? I've found it to be the best migraine med around. It's prescription.

Best of Luck!