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Sophina, I also have what I consider as an environmental illness or MCS. I feel that I became more sensitive during a sinus infection that I had several years ago, which I let go too long before I finally got rid of it. I got tired of taking antibiotics and said the hell with it. Wrong choice! I noticed that, during the infection, trace amounts of smoke or chemicals would really make me sick, and it just got worse until I took antibiotics. Since then, as you know, I've found another way of getting rid of sinus infections.

My main reactions to an irritant are:

Heartbeat starts jumping and becoming erratic.

I start to sweat badly.

My blood pressure goes up.

I become fatigued, weak and/or lightheaded.

I become nauseated.

Most difficult for me is that I become much more sensitive at night after about 8pm, and remain sensitive until about 2am in the morning.

I've learned a lot about how to deal with my MCS. Most of my solution is avoidance. Easier said then done, right?

I wouldn't mind comparing notes. Do you get similar reactions? Have you found some solutions? What do you do?

By the way, any luck with the "upside down" sinus irrigation?

Dang, I had this long response and I lost it. LOL,, anyway.. this will be shorter...

I started having a burning sensation in my nasal passages about 12 years ago. It progressed into my nose swelling shut and headaches that sent me to ER about every two weeks. All they could do for me was give me shots of Demeral and Vistral.I have been to Mayos, Virginia Mason in Seattle and Northwestern in Chicago and noone can seem to find out what's wrong. I went to an allergist and he said no allergys. I have had three sinus surgeries so I can breathe through my nose. By my own trial and error, I have found that it's chemicals. If I consume, or breathe some chemicals I become very ill. I can't eat yellow cheese or use most cleaning chemicals. Gasoline is lethal to me. MGS is a no, no too. When I am exposed to a chemical that I react to, my nose swells shut and I lose part of my voice due to swelling. I get nauseated, sweaty and confused. I become depressed and sometimes I have a panic attack. It takes me three or four days to get over the attack. Even then, I have had a continuous headache for the last 12 years with it just unbearable after an exposure. I have told my husband many times that I feel like I am being poisoned. We had our home checked for toxins and our vehicles. Of course we found nothing. I have found nothing to help me except that Imitrex injections eases the pain in my head some. I carry my Imitrex injections with me all the time. I also have done a cleansing program. I try to eat foods with lots of antioxyidents. I have never had a sinus infection in my life. When I did the irrigation, nothing came out but water. I do irrigate with a saline solution quite often though. It doesn't seem to help though. Yes, my heart acts up too. I was put on an event heart monitor for three weeks once. It showed that I had an irrigular heart beat. I know it's related to the chemicals too. My own personal opinion is: I once worked in a clothing factory and I was exposed to unsafe levels of Formaldhyde and I had silicone breast implants that had ruptured and the silicone spread all through my body. I feel my body is just overloaded with chemicals and is not able to rid itself of them.