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hi gabby.honestly.you would be doing yourself one huge favor by trying to get off the fiorinal,really.it contains butabital which is a barbiturate and is very addicting when taken over a longer period of time.i have been using midrin for me migranes since it first hit the market back in like 1981?it is the only thing that really works on my migrane headaches.it has been around for a very long time and has not shown to cause some of the heart related type side effects that imitrex has the possibility of causing.

the first thing you really do need to do here tho is find out just what your actual headache trigger is.are these headaches actually stemming from your neck or something else?i know i get alot of occipital type headaches from my c 2-3 being a real mess.they just keep firing away.trying something like myofascial release would really really help tons in loosening up the neck muscle tightness which in turn could get rid of the headaches alltogether too.i have been doing this therepy(had to stop a couple month ago becasue of a torn rotator cuff)and rather amazingly,it actually got rid of ALL my stubborn trigger points in my upper back and neck.it really helps tons.i miss it right now and can feel a whole bunch of new and some of the old TPs rebuilding just becaue they are not being dissipated by the therepy right now.this is the ONLY therepy that actually hit the deeper TPs andthe biggest trigger for my headaches.you could ask your PM to refer you to a good therepist who actually does myo release.this really helps sooo much.

seeing a neurologist wouldn;t be a bad idea either.i know alot of PMs really wont even take on head pain and usually will refer them to a good neuologist.i am kind of suprised yours does this for you.neurologists really are the best type of doc to see for headpain issues.but DO at least give the myfascial release a shot.i just couldn;t believe this therepist actually got rid of two particular TPs that have just been there under my shoulder blade for almost ten years.amazing therepy for anyone who suffers from trigger points.i am sure if you asked your PM they would know of a good therepist who does myo release.this is something that just really worked well for me.i do wish you luck with this.i know how much head pain just sucks to keep having all the time.please keep me posted gabby.marcia
This really depends upon the type of headache (H/A) you get. Tension and muscle type H/A's respond to one kind of med while migraines will respond to another. I just read a good article that implies that current thinking suspects that most all H/As are probably of the migraine type, regardless of the cause. I get migraines, and Imitrex is my silver bullet - it kills all my H/As, and there's no drowsiness whatsoever. And, there's no trouble if you also take Lortab for other complaints.

Another idea is to try Excedrine. This is also an outstanding H/A medication. If you do settle on Excedrine, then it wouldn't be good to be taking Lortab at the same time since they both contain acetaminophen (Tylenol) and too much of that will harm your liver. FWIW, I recommend the Imitrex.

As already mentioned, it's best to get off of Fiorinal and use something else. The only really helpful ingredient in Fiorinal is the caffeine, and you can get that elsewhere.