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Mommev 38.....
I can't decifer your MRI report, but I can sympathize with you. I too am waiting for my MRI report on my brain. My primary care physician sent me to a neurologist for what seemed like an ongoing migraine (for 5 or 6 months now). My pain is on one side of my head/face/eye. I also have pain in the hand and wrist on that same side and my nose runs on that side. Nothing even touches the pain. It hurts for me to put on makeup, and I can't even sleep for this pain. I quite often get my words mixed up...and I especially get left side and right side very confused for some reason. The neurologist told me that I have cluster headaches. He put me on prednisone, oxygen to inhale, lidocaine to put into my nose and numb it, Depakote ER, then Imitrex. Then he arranged for me to have an MRI of my brain. It was done without contrast; then when the technologist was finished, he turned around and injected me with the contrast dye and did it with contrast....so hopefully I won't have to go back. Right now, I just sit and wait. No news is good news; but then like so many others I sit here and wonder did the radiologist send my report, did it get lost, is the doctor in this week? Every time the phone rings I jump out of my skin. Out of all the meds, prednisone probably helps the best, but I don't want to live on it. I just want to be myself again.