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Don't know for sure Brian, but that's my suspicion.

What I've read says it's got a dual mode of action as an agonist at the μ-opioid receptor and as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Similar in potency to some of the big boys but with less side effects. I bet it's just as hard to come off of as tramadol though.

I'd love to see more of these drugs available as nasal sprays. That delivery method gets the med into your blood stream really fast, and much of the dose bypasses the gut so more gets into the bloodstream too. Meds delivered this way would be great for BT pain. I used to have my Imitrex as a nasal spray, but then they came out with a pen injector for subcutaneous delivery, and it gets to my headache even faster that way.


I think it's great the relationship you have with your doc and your CP. I am in a similar situation and feel so fortunate. My pharmacy, like yours, can cook up anything, and have been for years. They actually do more business nationally and internationally than locally because of their reputation in compounding. My problem is that I just can't afford the compounded medications. I remember back when I was searching for a solution for my migraines (back in the 80s before Imitrex) they compounded a drug for me that had gone off of the market and it was great. Luckily, this particular med wasn't too expensive.

Your chain pharm manager is unbelievable. It really gets my goat when folks take it on themselves to play cop. Whether it's in traffic or in business it really irks me. But do be careful reporting the guy. Pharmacists have an unfortunate ability to tag patients that can stick for a long time (e.g. drug seeker, abuser, etc). If there's a way to do it anonymously I'd try that first.

Too bad there's no board here for golf tips. I'd love to tame my golf swing (right handed). My swing always results in a mild draw but sometimes I'd like the ball to fly straight:D