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You don't know how glad I am that I found others with dysautonomia. I have recently been diagnosed with this and I just wasn't sure if this is what I have and want to give a list of my symptoms and would really appreciate some feedback to convince me the diagnosis is in fact correct. I know you aren't doctors but by the sounds of reading this thread, you know your stuff. I am 34yo female and in 1997 had an episode of vertigo/dizziness. Doc's treated me with valium, went to ent (everything okay, said Meniere's Disease) all MRI and CT normal. Shortly after this went away, I started having panic attacks and was put on antidepressants and Xanax. I took myself off of all of this since they made it worse. I was okay and noticed by bp getting high. Saw a new doc who put me on lopressor and I took this for a little over two years. Moved and got a new family doc who I told of problems and the fact I was retaining so much fluid and gaining weight, he ran blood work and found my thyroid was low. Started taking Synthroid and switched me from lopressor to lasix. I felt great, lost weight and one month later-BAM! Dizziness. He felt it was inner ear and started me on antibiotics and steroids and it seemed to clear up in about two weeks. Until August 23, 2003. I woke up with migrain (which I have had for over 10 years and found it is diet related and controlled with Imitrex. I only get maybe one every other month now). I have had constant dizziness/vertigo since. Was sent to new ENT and had ENG, MRI, CT and hearing tests and he said I do not have Meniere's and he really doesn't know where this is coming from. Went back to my gp and I explained that the meclizine for the dizziness isn't working anymore and I feel like I am having panic attacks again but not sure if that is causing dizziness or dizziness causing panic attacks. He was surprise with this and I told him my heart feels like it is racing and pounding really hard at times, not all the time. He listened and sure enough, it was racing. My bp was fine and he sent me for an echo, this was normal. He started me on Toprol-xl, 25mg at bedtime and now added 12.5mg in a.m.. He said I have dysautonomia. I have not found a whole lot of info on this and not that I want this but I felt like I was losing my mind knowing my symptoms but no one knowing what was wrong with me. People at work think my doc is a quack and I should see someone else but I believe him. Do you have to have CFS to have this? Should I see a neurologist or who??? Please tell me what else I should do. Thank you all and sorry for the short novel.