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hi, i have had JIA since i was 18 months old, i am now 28.

I worked my way through most painkillers and NSAIDs, adult doses since the age of five.since my teens my stomache has reacted to most of the meds tried, i was changing meds every 4 - 6 months. It was one tablet for the Arthritis and one for the side affects

A couple of years ago my stomache started to hurt every time i ate. It felt like i could feel my food being digested.
It took two months and many failed meds for the doc to send me for an endoscope. By this time i had dropped two dress sizes - always look for a possitive. The stomache lining was red raw, i was taking an NSAID, Methatrexare tablets and 3 different painkillers, a total of 30 tablets a day and still feeling rubbish.
I am now banned from all NSAIDs, they just are not working.
I changed to injecting Methatrexate, my stomache still wasn't that great.
I am now on Infliximab ( Remicade?) and things are much better, by stomache is still sensative but i can deal with it and my joints are not swollen or that sore. I am still in pain but i think it from wear and tear on a couple of my joints, it is a different type of pain.
I still take Nexium for my stomache and avoid acidic food. i feel it if i take lots of painkillers too, i sometimes have to choose, joint pain or stomache pain, hey it is a good weight loss plan.

Check out the ARC website for info on anti TNF drugs. they arer the way forward!

good luck