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I will keep you posted.
There shouldn't be any problem with Viagra as long as
he isn't taking any medications known as "nitrates".
Basically nitroglycerin, nitro-dur, isordil, etc for
angina. Viagra was helpful to me insofar as, er, maintaining an erection, but unfortunately it is no
help at all when it comes to being able to "finish".
Also, if your libido is low, viagra will not increase
it. You have to already have the libido, from your
testosterone, to prompt the viagra to do it's job.
Meep stated that low levels were quite common with
this and I am glad to hear that, I have been concerned
that there may also be problems with pituitary function with all these other hormones out of whack.
In any event, bear with him and you appear to have the
patience of Job, as my wife also has. We have not had
decent relations in that area since December 1998, and
it took until February 2002 to track down my problem,
and we are STILL working on this part.
My endo and family physician say "don't give up!".
Yes, that is easy said, and rough in the doing.
I will let you know how my tests come out and what I
am told to do. My fam dr has given me 400mg testosterone injection weekly for 4 weeks and am now waiting for that to wash out so that the tests will be
accurate. The injections seemed to help as long as I
was getting the high doses and getting them weekly,
but that needle.......in a "cheek a week", can get OLD!

Stan Smith R.Ph.

BTW: I have never ran into anyone who had the problem
Meep was discussing when taking Claritin. It seems to
be relatively benign.