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Quote from alphamale9009:
I have slighly elevated blood pressure, but i have angina whether my blood pressure is high or not. Atenolol has worked, but only at a dosage of 200mg a day. I want to get off the Atenolol because it lowers testosterone, and perhaps there is something that works better. Has anyone used a medication that has gotten rid of heart pain? What was it, was there any side effects? Any responses will be appreciated.



I am just starting week two of my medical program. I have been completely assymptomatic since beginning it.

Here is my medication regimen:

Week One - Metoprolol 50mg bid; Moduretic (amiloride/hydrochlorothiazide 5/50mg 1 tablet q am

Week Three - Increase Metoprolol to 75mg bid;

Week Five - Increase Moduretic to 2 tablets q am; Keep Metoprolol the same.

Week Seven - Fosinopril 10mg at bedtime; all other meds as before.

Week Nine - Increase Fosinopril to 15mg hs; all other meds stay the same.

Week Eleven - Increase Fosinopril to 20 mg hs; all other meds stay the same.

Week Twelve - Depending on my blood pressure readings, adding Isordil three times a day at an incremental rate of 1, 1 1/2, and 2 tablets every eight hours or 1/2, 1, and 1 1/2 tablets q8h; all other meds stay the same.

BTW, my primary care physician had me on atenolol for about three weeks before I started this program. It made me practically impotent. I am okay sexually on these meds.

For a better understanding of how I came to be on these meds, please read the "My Experience with Cardiologists" thread. Good luck. Let us know what you do.