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I'm not sure. I guess they thought the small stroke was from a clot, not a bleed.
I guess the Doctors are doing something while they are waiting for me to heal. Besides doing a blood test on the 18th, the Doctor had told me to stop my zetia and the statin. Plus she said to cut my celebrex to 200, (so now my joints and ribs hurt). I really can’t see that it helped........

I first started having extra stomach pain when I started on isordil back in October. They gave it to me to go along with my nitro patches, to reduce the angina and help my breathing. It really messed up my stomach big time, so they gave me a coated long acting isosorbide instead and things calm down, so I didn't think that it was the culprit. But then after the stent and they upped the Aspirin, wow. It seems to be a different pain than befor. Now it’s an almost immediate ‘pure pain’ that lasts for hours.

I've decided to stop the nexium and up my pepcid for a few days. They had increased the nexium but I did not see any improvement.
I’m on day two of a new approach. I am taking two pepcid with the plavix and aspirin. Last night it still hurt badly but it didn't seem to have the impact that it did befor. I just hope that it does not reduce the effect of the plavix.