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I have posted in here about meds I am taking for clogged(small) arteries and high BP!Nothing seems to control it and have seen one Dr after another , and explain all over again I cant take certain drugs! Particularly ace inhibitors and beta blockers.
At this sitting I am on :10:00pm-75mg Plavix, 0.1Clonidine.
6:00am-60mg isorsobide,0.1 Clonidine,25 mg hctz
2:00pm-0.1clonidine,and have to take 1/2of 0.25
xanax, as the bp wont come down.
I seen the heart Dr the other day and told him of the irrational HIGH bp and asked if I could increase the Isosorbide to 2x a day which would be taken at 6pm. I also asked if I could use the catapress patch for Clonidine in order to have a steady release(it is 0.1). I tollerate the tabs fine but I no sooner put the patch on and thought how great it would be and wham! Iget hit with a tremendus headache that wouldnt quit, roaring in head(that the tab doesnt do) Is this common does anyone know? I stood it as long as I could and had to remove the patch and go back to the tabs
also he says I can take 325 aspirin WITH the plavix, sounds too much thinner to me??? I just dont rust anything any more!
I apologize for the long post that may be rpetetive with another I posted but get real good answers in here better than my Drs advice!Thank you, akjoha