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I personally feel it is all connected. After 5 Doctors the Endo I am with now says I have Metabolic Syndrome.......he feels it is all connected.....
I do not know if I have Hashi's since my antibodies are negative but my Endo says you can have neg antibodies and still have Hashi's since the levels fluctuate.....so unsure on that.

My mother had thyroid cancer unknown type, high blood pressure too....

I also had mild high BP with my last pregnancy with twins.....but it seemed to resolve after delivery.

I truely believe back when I was 47 something went on with my body.....I got sudden depression, my weight went up and I went from a size 7 to 14 in one year.....I developed high bp (before I put the weight on). The Doctor kept saying all my labs were normal and I was probably going into menopause. Well I am 54 now and still not in menopause. !!! They kept telling me I had normal thyroid.......well they missed so many things.......I knew there was something wrong......So it has taken 7 years to figure this all out.

In the last 16 months....after nodules showed up on my thryoid and being treated for hypothyroidism I have found I have insulin resistance and had it quite a while...so that explains the high bp, high triglycerides , weight gain and feelings of depression and fatigue.... I finally found a thorough Endo who listened to what I was saying.........I was only there for an opinion on my thyroid problems...........he dug deeper........he says my symptoms are more from my high insulin than my low thyroid. He says combined no wonder I feel like crap.

I am on Armour 2 1/2 Grains........they are moving me up to 3 Grains...my last labs show supressed TSH and low end T3 and T4........so they are getting me up to where I need to be. I get an ultrasound of my thyroid every 6 months.
I do not want a TT unless I have to have it.

I am on Blood pressure medication, Janumet for Insulin resistance and take Garlic and Fish Oil for high Triglycerides and cholesterol. I was on Metformin for Insulin R but it upset my stomach so I am on Janumet. Also my pressure has been so good they are going to try and take me off my medication next month........

Make sure if you ever get tested for Insulin resistance you have a fasting and a 2 hour gtt. My fasting always came back normal but my 2 hour was sky high.

I go to the gym every day or at least walk. Do not eat sugar, white bread, or white processed foods only on rare occasions.

I am feeling so much better.......no need to nap during the day, have lost 25 pounds, in general have more energy........ Since I am now heading into menopause I need to feel my best.........so far so good.

I am like you so happy to find a Doctor with a heart and a BRAIN !!!! I am a medical person so I am pain in the rear....

Sorry this is so long............. But keep an eye on that pressure so you do not overlook a problem...........check it twice a week if you can and keep a record. Hawthorne Berry, Co Q10, and Garlic are all good for Blood pressure.