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I hope you are feeling better......Could you let us know about your mass pathology........I have a "mass" on my kidney. They keep telling me it is just a harmless tumor.......

Also I switched from Metformin due to the gas and upset stomach to Janumet and it agrees very well with me......it does have Metformin in it but I have not had any side effects from it.......you might want to talk to your Doctor about it.

I hope you are feeling better.........Oleander
Thanks for your reply, Oleander. I called my doc and she said to reduce my dosage from 1gm twice a day to 500 mg once a day for 3 days, then 500 mg twice a day for 3 days, etc. until I'm up to the full dosage again. So I skipped my 1gm dosage last night and started on 500 mg this morning and things are much better. We'll see how things go as I increase the dosage. I don't have an appt with her until mid-January, but I will talk to her about Janumet. Thanks for the suggestion.

My path results came in yesterday. It was a clear cell carcinoma, stage 1, meaning it was all contained within the kidney and no other organs were effected. Doc said there is still a 10% chance it could return over the next 2 years. If it does, it would most likely appear in either the old kidney site or in the lungs. So they will be keeping a close watch on me for the next 2 years. Otherwise, no further treatment is necessary -- yeah!