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This is what I did different.......not sure any of it helped.....But this is what I did

I stopped all progesterone and testosterone bioidentical hormones.
Use an estrogen only patch Vivelledot.
Janumet for Insulin resistance
Armour 3 Grain for goiter and nodules....just switched to Thyrolar
Take Garlique pills
Fish oil capsules
Calcium supplement with D and Magnesium
Vit C

Essiac Tea 1 tablespoon twice a day in water......known as 4 herb tea
The research is that is helps with cancer .......it is inexpensive and will not harm you so I thought it was worth a try.....I buy mine online in liquid concentrate form.....

No sugar or very little sugar
No white products......bread, pasta, rice...
no ice cream, fast foods, no microwaved foods.....
Exercise everyday walking at least 15 to 20 minutes if no time.
Try to eat an avocado a day for good fats..

Visualization of the tumor on my kidney being gone and attacked by lymphcells for healing. I should do that to my thyroid........

Also trying not to get upset about anything or get mad....it is not worth it.

I will find the books for you and list them....

Some of this sounds silly but these are the things I did.........Oleander
Bluebird, Sorry this is long.........

I think the most important issue we have covered here is your diet and your desire to change some of your habits to feel better.

With your diabetes and thyroid issues it is so important to watch your diet. I hope I have encouraged you to try and change your diet......the Southbeach is an easy low glycemic diet to start with.....

I was always tiny size 5 to 7...even after twins age 35. Then suddenly at 48 I gained 35 pounds in one year....that is when my journey started. I was tired, depressed, hated how I looked, my energy had suddenly changed.......no answers anywhere. I could not look at food without gaining 5 pounds. Could lose a few pounds then gain them right back and more. I am now 55 so this has gone on for years with me. I was 53 when thyroid nodules were discovered and 54 when Insulin resistance was discovered. :confused:

I had no idea I had insulin resistance and a failing thyroid......I now stick with a low glycemic index diet such as South Beach. There is also The Rosedale diet that I am looking at now.... I am happy to say I have lost 25 pounds and would like to lose another 10...For me it is the diet, exercise, Janumet and thyroid meds.....

An example is if I go to Mexican food...which I LOVE ( from So California) I only eat the a few chips and salsa and my entree . I skip the rice and beans......no sides unless they are vegetable. I avoid too many carbs at one sitting. Skipping the sides with any meal and replacing them with fruit / veggie or a protein becomes easier as time goes on.

My Endo explained to me that insulin and abnormal blood sugar levels cause depression and fatigue just like a thyroid problem. Many people with thyroid issues have an insulin or blood sugar problem also.......so the symptoms can get blamed on the wrong issue........most peoples fasting blood sugar is normal the first 5 years of having type 2 diabetes.......as an insulin result can be normal on a fasting test and abnormal on 2 hour pp such as mine was.....just like we see how many people here on this board have a normal t3 and t4 but their thyroid is sick. So you mix the 2 problems together and get a person that feels not so good each day and is gaining unexplained weight who can no longer eat very normal.

What I am trying to say is the wrong diet when you have blood sugar issues can make you feel physically and mentally horrible. I can see now as much as I LOVE ice cream when I do splurge and eat some I feel very tired the next day........for me now there is a connection to the food I eat and how I feel. I have pretty much lost the urge to eat it.

SO the angiomyolipoma is a fatty tumor of the kidney...that show up in middle age women for some strange reason...It would be interesting to know how many of these women have a blood sugar and thyroid problem also.....

....so .....change your diet, increase your water, try some 4 Herb tea....just start with this....start walking 15 minutes a day or twice a day and increase it.

So through changing my diet, exercise, proper diagnoising I have lost 25 pounds, feel better, my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal for the first time in 20 years........did you know there is a connection to blood sugar/insulin/low thyroid and elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides?
I also have lost that urge to nap during the day.

Sorry this is so long......I am just trying to show you the benefits of this change.......I will find those books for you......Oleander
For those that want to know.........Thyrolar is working great !!! I had a few days where I had a weird sensation in my legs but that has subsided. Other than that I feel good. I do not think they will need to add cytomel. I will have labs drawn in 2 more weeks........ Oleander


I avoid artificial sweeteners but on occasion do use them.......I try not to use them......a small amount of sugar is what I will use if necessary. When I developed my thyroid issues I cleaned up my diet.....no matter what that was good for my health in every way.

I wish I could be as successful with my thyroid nodules as I have been with the Kidney tumor. You will find the Doctors will not say much about these tumors because they DO NOT KNOW about them.....My Endo told me more about them than the Nephrologist Kidney Doctor. It was similar to thyroid problems......no one seems to know.......:confused:

Insulin resistance is different than diabetes but can become diabetes.....I am on Janumet which is for type 2. My blood sugars are normal but insulin is High. You have fatigue, weight gain easily, high cholestorol and triglyerides.

I thought you had a thyroid issue.......sorry.....better get it checked out if you have not already. Seems to go hand in hand.

I think this tumor may turn your life around for the good because it scared you so much.

I am from Long Beach......born and raised. I know Westminister well...yes huge adjustment especially for medical issues but I come "home" almost monthly. I really miss the GREAT medical care choices you had there but I have found a great Endo here after much searching.

Good luck........I will list those books for you today sometime....Oleander