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I can tell you one fasting insulin is not going to tell you if you have Insulin resistance........my fasting is always normal and my 2 hour Post prandial is sky high......you need a 2 hour PP insulin done to tell the story. Also some people with IR has a low Magnesium........

I am on Janumet twice a day for Insulin Resistance........I was untreated for PCOS or PCOD when I was younger and now they call it IR at my age. By the way I am not in Menopause yet at 55.......wonder if having PCOS makes you go in late....

The Janumet has done wonders for me. It has Metformin in it.

My Endo discovered it while I was being evalutated for my thyroid nodules.

Good Luck.........Oleander

My Holistic MD way back when also did several fasting Insulins and they were normal.....I have let her know about my sky high 2 hour test so she will know in the future to do 2 hour PP and not just a fasting on people.
i'm curious about the link between thyroid troubles and PCOS - i have hashimoto's thyoiditis, a multinodular goitre and PCOS (with IR of course!). i wonder that link is!?!

weight is always a problem with me and i've since learned that taking a high-dose estrogen pill (which is the only way to control my bleeding) long term can cause weight problems and make the metformin less effective when it comes to shedding kgs. i'm wondering if the hormones you produce in pregnancy and post-partum mimic the effect of the high-dose estrogen pill (because obviously while pregnant you're exposed to far higher levels of estrogen).

i know another friend with PCOS had a lot of trouble after pregnancy getting her weight back under control. i would also be curious to know if you found the janumet helpful?

thanks, D.