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Has anyone had any experience with Janumet? I take 1 pill twice a day and in the evening when I take my medicine it lowers my blood sugar very low so that I can't sleep so I was wondering if anyone had tried breaking the pill in half and was it effective?
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist regarding breaking the pill. Some pills are made to dispense med over time.

Janumet is known for causing lows, talk to your doctor about regulating the dosage to avoid the lows.
I have been taking Janumet for over 6 months now. I take it twice a day. I have Insulin resistance with normal Blood sugars..I am not diabetic.. I do well on it. I once had a low blood sugar in the beginning. I make sure to eat and not take it too close to bedtime. I am a fan. Oleander
I'm a T2 diabetic and age 61. Been fighting it for 21 years on pills, diet and exercise. Lost the battle last week. Doc took me off Januvia and Avandamet and put me on Lantus and Janumet. After messing around with pen needle sizes, I finally got the injection thing down pretty good. Any other suggestion would be appreciated.