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About a year ago I first started taking birth control. I got on it to regulate my period and lighten the flow. My period used to be a week long and had a heavy flow. My doctor orginally put me on Yasmin which I took for about 8 months and I never had problems with it.

After the first 8 months, I stopped taking Yasmin because it was becoming too expensive and I'm a poor college student. So for the 4 months after, I wasn't taking any BC. I went back to the doctor to change perscriptions to something that had a generic so it would be cheaper. She put me on Junel FE 1/20 which I just started taking this month. But ever since I started taking this new pill, my period hasn't stopped. I have now had my period for 2 weeks. For the past week it has been really light but it still freaks me out that I've had it for so long. Should I be worried? I am going to call my doctor on Monday.

Thanks for the help.