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Oh my, yeah they say it may take awhile but I wish you luck--so far I havent had any negative effects--im on junel such and such brand but yeah my sex drive is still pretty intact which is good because my boyfriend always wants sex haha ( he gives me some slew about it genetics and he has to have sex--who knows ha) but anyway I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, but yes, I hope it comes back soon for you--I know the first time I notice a decrease I'm stoppin haha I can't deal with that! :eek:

Oh, well I just thought of something...really kind of off topic but being on the pill--is sex SUPPOSED to hurt :[ I went to visit my boyfriend over labor day weekend and I guess its because I haven't been active cause hes so very far away--but I havent had this problem before...I mean it hurts at first but then I just kind of take a deep breath and forget about it haha sorry if thats strange or anything but I'm just wondering since it never happened before I was on the pill maybe its a contributing factor. Sorry to ramble :p