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Hey, I have a question I'm not sure if its normal but since I've been on Junel 1/20 fe whenever I got my period I didnt really bleed that often. In fact this time around I havent bled at all its just this gunky brown discharge :( I dunno if thats something I should be worried about since I actually haven't been bleeding so I'm just curious. And of course whenever I have sex with my significant other we've used protection even though I'm on the pill.

but yeah this is the second time this has happened but last month I bled for like a day and then it went away....any ideas? has this happened to anyone else??I know not a lot of people aren't on junel or I havent heard from anyone that has been, I know its a generic but I know some of the side effects may be the same . I mean I happy because I dont get horribly painful periods anymore but I want to make sure this is normal. Thanks for help!!! :D
Junel Fe 1/20 is the generic brand for Loestrin Fe. Most women who take Loestrin or Junel only get their period for around 3 days or not at all. The brown discharge is telling you that this is the time you would normally get your period, but you just aren't going to get it like you normally would. How long have you been taking Junel???

I am going to start taking Junel Fe 1/20 in about a week. Are you happy with this pill? What side effects have you experienced? My doctor said breast enlargement is a side effect, which I would be very happy with since I am only an A cup...ugh! Have you experienced breast growth at all while on this pill??

Hope this helps some! -Amber
I have been on junel fe 1/20 for almost 2 months and I have not had my period. So, I am hoping this is a side effect from switching over from aviane. Have no pregnancy symptoms-feel pretty normal. Really that is the only bad side effect I've had other than sleeping problems. My skin is very clear since on it; no weight gain; good mood.
Loestrin is one of the pills that has been known to give women shorter, lighter periods, which is a main reason why women choose that pill (or its generic equivalent in the form of Junel). It's what's supposed to happen. There's nothing wrong. Having such a light period, I would think, is a blessing. If you weren't on that pill, you'd probably not be happy having 5-7-9 day periods with painful cramps.