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Hi all, I stopped BC pill last month (yes, I completed a pack then stopped; no half-packs for me!). My last pills were Loestrin 24, for 3 months. Prior I had Junel 1.5/30 for 2 years. That's it.

I've always had a period of some kind on my BC.

Before pills I was quite regular - about every 30 days.

I'm on what would be my 4th/period week. On Lo24 I noticed I usually got period on Friday (I started packs on Sunday), on the earlier dosage got it on Tuesday. Past the 1, still ahead of the other.

I figure I'll wait until Sunday before getting "panicked".

Meanwhile, I've been using condoms for this month. Trying to wait until I have a period before I deliberately try to get pregnant.

Is it possible after just stopping BC to have a "non-period" cycle? Where there's no bleeding? Could my stopping the pills have "messed me up", per se?