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I just recently started taking Junel Fe 1/20 after being on Microgestin Fe 1/20 for a year. My pharmacist says they are the same thing, but I've noticed I'm breaking out more on my face. Has anyone else had this problem? It's driving me crazy, especially since I've never really had a problem with acne on my face. At least not since I was 16.

Has anyone noticed any differences between the two?
I was recently changed from Loestrin 24 FE to Junel FE 1.5/30 and have noticed some changes. I have been breaking out a little but nothing too out of the ordinary.
On your Junel 1/20 how many placebo pills are there? I know in 1.5/30 there are 7. When I was on Loestrin I believe I only had like 4 placebos. Wondering what the difference is betw. Junel 1/20 and 1.5/30. Thanks!
Junel Fe 1/20 has 7 placebo pills. My acne has lessened a little, but it's still worse than what it was when I was on Microgestin Fe 1/20.
Kellie, quick question, when you switched from loestrin 24 fe to junel 1.5/30, did you use an additional birth control method during the switch? i just switched from loestrin to microgestin fe 1.5/30 (the other generic version of loestrin) and thought they were the same, however, i think my loestrin was 1/20 and the microgestin is 1.5/30. anyways, so now i'm worried that they're not the same and that i could possibly be pregnant.