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[QUOTE=Kszan;3775014] I don't know if there's like a standard dose that is supposed to be most effective against pregnancy, but I'm assuming there must be? Wouldn't you think so?

I remember my doctor told me that the lowest dose of estrogen that's available in the United States is 18mcgm with NuvaRing and 20mcgm is the lowest in any pill available.

As for what you were saying Daisy, about being tiny and worried about getting too much medication compared to women who are larger, I understand what you mean, I'm 5'2" and very small as well. I just started taking Junel and I love it (interchange for Microgestin). I think Lo/Ovral is something like 30mcgm of estrogen so maybe you should switch to a lower dosage to avoid all the emotional mood swings that come with more estrogen.