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Hello All,
I used to post on the cardio threads a couple of years back in hopes of spreading the good fortune in keeping my wife with me. Of all boards and chat rooms I’ve visited, Healthboards is the best I’ve found, and I urge all of you to spread the word about this “Jewel” on the net. I’ve not found medical doctors lowering themselves to advise on this board, (although I did find a veterinarian which is just as good), but I have found many interested people caring, sharing and searching. The veterinarian was correct when he repeatedly wrote “follow the metabolic pathways”, something which I had been doing for some time in my research. Pathway maps are invaluable, but are difficult to interpret by the layman, and they are far from complete at this time. I left Healthboards for a time in order to spend more time researching diabetes in hopes of finding something that would cure my wife of this affliction. I haven’t found it, but have neutralized, and in some areas reversed, the damages caused by it. I keep my wife’s primary care physicians, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons up to date on all medications I give her, and in return, they work closely with me. In order to ease their concern, my wife and I have provided them with a full waiver from any liability.
I am writing a book on my findings, despite the fact that I am not a medical professional, and my assumptions are not that of an accredited expert. The complexity in preparing a book of this nature is tremendous since each point has to be referenced to university papers, journal papers, and medical reference books.. If ever I finish, and if at all possible, I hope to market this book through Healthboards.
In an earlier post I stated that four and a half years ago my wife, at 52 years of age, was given three months to live at best, or she could go at any time. She was wheel-chair ridden, was taking 840 dollars per month in medications, and still suffered a massive heart attack three months after undergoing triple bypass surgery. Lipitor, at 80mg daily did nothing for her lipids which had risen to a high of TC=795mg/ml HDL’s=8 and trig’s=6675mg/ml. (20.54mmol/l and 75.34mmol/l). One bypass was occluded, and the remaining two were closed 70% and 20%. At this point, she had suffered with diabetes for about 14 to 16 years. I had retired a year and a half before her surgery and was dismayed when I couldn’t renew my wife’s health insurance....It’s not available for diabetics. Especially one that also suffers combined familial hperlipidemia.. Naturally, our comfortable retirement has been relegated to “scratching out a living”on my social security and a part time job. However, I felt rich as I watched her mow and trim the grass today. She has only a marginal bit of peripheral neuropathy, has a typical blood pressure of 106/68, and the massive scarring of her heart has reduced to a spot at the top about the size of a dime. Even the diabetic ulcers on her legs are gone: one being about five inches long and wrapped totally around her left leg. This type of ulcer is called peritibial myxedema
Although I can’t tell anyone to do this or that, or promise a cure or treatment, I can tell what my wife’s Med regimen is, and what my logic is behind selection of each medicine. I’m pasting this regimen below, and with this I’m going to close for a bit. This will give you time to Google away and do your research. My spare time is almost nil but I will be back in two days to add details, and to answer questions you may have. Maybe then you’ll really see the value of Healthboards.
Jenny Travis’ Daily Medication Regimen 18OCT2004
(*)Alternative Meds, (!) Must be administered to depress blood lipids, CAPITAL LETTERS are Rx meds.
For Angina: Nitroquick 0.4mg Sublingual. Repeat ea. 15 min. If pain persists beyond 3 tabs, transport to Emergency room and call Dr. Darly Ber*****.
Familial combined Hyperlipidemia and Insulin dependent brittle diabetic (Late onset).
Lispro or Insulin R only. Glucose reduction: 100mg/dl per 15 units insulin.
ALLERGIES, SEVERE: Long term insulins (Lente, etc.) Plavix, Lipitor, Ibuprophen, Glucophage, Lopid, Zetia, Welbutrin, Niaspan.

1 *! BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) 600mg capsules One cap, three daily
2 K-DUR (POTASSIUM CHLORIDE) 10meq tablets One tablet, three daily
3 * Folic Acid 800ug tablets One tablet., one daily
4 *Vitamin B6 200mg capsules One cap, one daily
5 *Vitamin B12 500ug tablets One tablet, one daily
6 *Aminoguanidine 75mg tablets One tablet, three daily
7 *Vanadyl Sulfate 7.5mg tablets One tablet, three daily
FUROSIMIDE (Lasix) 40mg tablets One tablet as needed
INSULIN R: Determine per blood glucose reading

1:00 to 3:00PM
1 *! BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) 600mg capsules One cap
2 *! NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) 600 mg capsules One Cap daily
3 K-DUR (POTASSIUM CHLORIDE) 10meq tablets One tablet
4 *! Selenium 200ug tablets One tablet daily
5 *Aminoguanidine 75mg tablets One tablet
6 *Vanadyl Sulfate 7.5mg tablets One tablet

10:00 PM - Bedtime
1 *! BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) 600mg capsules One cap
2 K-DUR (POTASSIUM CHLORIDE) 10meq tablets One tablet
3 *Aminoguanidine 75mg tablets One tablet
4 *Vanadyl Sulfate 7.5mg tablets One tablet
5 *Vitamin A, 8000unit gelcaps One gelcap daily
6 * Zinc gluconate 50mg tablets One tablet
5 DARVOCET-N 100 caplets One caplet if needed
INSULIN R: Determine per blood glucose reading