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Today i went to my cardio appt. and had an ekg. Last month when i was in the ER they did a nuclear image and a stress test for chest pain and very high bp. Today, she (cardio dr) said bcuz my breast are large they were not able to tell if the image was correct or not. How can this be? I was on that table for over two hrs. They did the test twice. The operators were young goofy girls, they kept getting it wrong and i kept having to do the imaging over.

I;ve waited for four weeks and this is all i get. I was told it looked like my heart had alot of damage, but they can't trust the nuclear imaging bcuz my breast are large and it like wearing a hat covering the eyes, said they couldn't tell if my eyes were blue or brown bcuz hat covered them. I asked if they could do a blood test or something bcuz i was concerned about my very high bp (210/96 in cardio's office) and pulse was 69.

She gave me a script for k-dur 20,lasix 20mg, and to take verapamil 360mgs. She also gave me a month's supply of pravigard(pravachol & asprin).

Any thoughts? I really don't know what to do at this point. Plz respond.
I agree, what a horrible way to start the holiday.
I also have had an echo of my heart several times and necular stress test. My husband had a heart attack some years back and they also did an echo on him to assess the damage to his heart. Have they done one on you?
I'm not sure what your test was. Was it a necular scan or stress test?
K-dur is a potassium supplement? Lasix is a diuretic and verapamill is a calcicum channel blocker. I took verapamill myself for about 7 yrs.
You said the other day that your BP#'s are around 150/70 do you think today was a case of white coat or something else?
Gee, I hope someone here can offer more advicebut I do agree with . I'd want a second openion
I hope you can relax for a few days and have a plesant Thanksgiving.
My best to you,

That's a bummer. I think that the nuclear particles emitted from the heart's vessels can EASILY pass through breast tissue, and muscle tissue and even RIBS and STERNUM. Breasts are not a problem.
They got blurry images because they screwed up the test with poor focusing or too much movement (but I'll bet they still CHARGE for it.)
Get the test redone somewhere else, or else have a cardiac catheterization (also SOMEWHERE ELSE!)

That lasix is a very potent loop diuretic and the k-dur's are 1500 mg. potassium chloride. Add that to 360 mg. verapamil and you have a VERY high dosage of BP meds. Monitor it carefully at home, lest you fall over when you try to stand up.