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Hi i am a 44 yr old female bad family history of heart disease lost dad and 2 brothers while they were in their 30's one brother had triple bypass at age 28 he is 40 now and ok.
my heart doc has me on many medicines i had a real bad calcium score test it was really bad only 1 person who took the test scored worse then me according to the paper work. also i had a -fib when my brother was found dead i was admitted to the hospital with a way high over 200 heart rate
now my meds are
i was doing some research and it says pravachol and niaspan should not be used together is it really bad also lately my blood pressure is low
like 90/48 88/50 pretty low numbers i have had a constant pain in my stomach for the last month i had a ct scan and was told to have my gallbladder removed i am scared of surgery
should i talk to my heart doc about my medicines do you think its ok to take maybe the internet has to many scary things i love my heart doc i have used him for 7 years