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I went into the ER this evening with breathing problems and tigntness on my chest, which I've been experiencing on and off in varying degrees allsummer. I gave three people my recent history and this young, arrogant doctor comes bounding in the room. He took a two minuite look at my chart, put a stethascope up to my chest for about thirty seconds and told me my problem was depression and anxiety!!The only thing he was willing to do for me is five me a cat scan to see if there were any clots in my lungs.

I was so incences I got up and walked out and filed a complaint with patient relations. This is scarry, folks, this guy doesn't know me from Adam. I told the admitting nurse I'd been having severe allergy symptoms and breathing problems all summer. I've had this tightness on my chest before but now there is mild wheezing present. He said he could dect nothing on my lungs and no wheezing. It is mild, but trust me, it's there!! I'm so angry I just don't know what to do. My wonderful and highly competant doctor of fifteen years moved his practice out of town and it's too far away. I've been struggling to find decent medical treatment since. I'm reasonalbly certain that my chest irritation is from sinus drainage that has gone down on my chest and is possibly causing an infection. In the past when I've had these symptoms a round of antibiotics (Biaxin) gets rid of it in aboutt ten days or so.

This nut in the Er did no bloodwork, no other tests, I was SHOCKED AND INSULTED!!!I also could've used a shot of Keflex to stop my severe rhinitis symptoms unti we get a couple of hard frosts. I cannot find a doctor who will help me. I'm very sick and while I have battled occasional anxiety and depression in the past, I KNOW MY OWN BODY! I've got allergic Asthme, possibly being aggrivated by wy walking routine, and possibly and upper respiratory infection. The fellow in the ER looked at me and saie, "Unfortunatly, there is no decent remedy for upper respiratory illnessed" What a crock!!

What should I do? I am very tired and very sick. I'm exhausted continually. It takes every ounce of energy I have to go to work and when I come home I have to sleep.

Does anyone know of anything that might help the tightness on my chest? I've been on 180 mgs. of Allegra and it doesn't work, for me it's like taking candy. At the moment, I'm taking an expectorant, Primatene tablets and occasional over the counter antihistimines, the only two brands that seem to work for me.

In addition to all of this, we have had almost no rain in our area. The air is stagnant with pollena dnpollution which I believe is worsening my breathing.
I swear on everything that is holy that these symptoms ar NOT my imagination, nor are they caused by depression or anxiety, although I've been so upset at my poor medical treatment and lack of compassion and understanding from the doctors that I've gotten pretty anxious, which I'm sure isn't helping.

Any advice, natural prodcts, ect. That may help give me some relief?

Thanks in advance for those who take the time to read this and respond.
I'm not exactly sure what it is, I don't think it's the same kind of steroid shot that some athletes inject, but I don't know because I'm not a doctor. The substance might possibly be called corticosteroid. At any rate, its a substance they can inject into the hip that will rid the patient of all allergic rhinitis symptoms. The doctor informed mw when I got the shot it would take 24-72 hours before the full results would be evident but I saw a noticible improvement after 24 hours. The shot stops the constant nasal drainage, continual sneezing, watery eyes, chest congestion ect. I feel MUCH better!!

One type of the shot goes by the name Keflex. I got a new and improved version(don't know the name)but both are very effective. The shots should only be given on rare occasions, they are not to be taken on a regular basis. I've had only three in my entire lifetime. I needed something to stop my allergy symptoms because I was so sick and fatigued I could hardly move. My doctor also gave me an antibiotic. As it turns out, I did have an upper respiratory tract infection, probably helped along by the severe sinus drainage that went down on my chest but not sure. The pill is helping and I feel soooo much better.

In the future, instead of taking a steroid shot, I'm going to see about regular allergy shots or drops from my allergist.

Oh and just a word of caution to anyone who reads this that might have sinus or upper respiratory tract infections. I took my own temperature with an old-fashioned, reliable mercury thermometer. My normal body temp is 97.1. I had a temp of 100, which the machine in the ER did not register. Those new devices they use to take temps are not always reliable so be careful and if you have any doubt, take your own with a mercury thermometer. Some of the modern devices such as ear thermometers and the like are, well...crappy.