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[FONT=Book Antiqua]Hi everyone. I know this specific board is Excellent and supportive, so may I ask...has anyone here had or know someone w/ Flexor Tenosynovitis? I was just at the ER, after cutting my finger badly. The symptoms are numbness of my cut finger and the finger is stuck in this 'trigger' position. If I extended my finger fully it SHOOTS with severe pain. Even touching the numb areas are totally painfull. Well in the ER I was givin Keflex (antibio) and Percocet 5/325 for the pain. Now I'm going to a primary care Dr. for my follow up. I'm sure he'll keep me on the pain meds, since that's normal from what I've read about FTS. But I've never really heard of this before. So I'm curious if anyone has it, had it or the like. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and replys are most appreciated.