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Jeffry's Mom-
So good to see you on here again. I have thought about you and yours and wondered how you were doing. My daughter, also, had a recurrence in Sept and this one I actually believe could have been hygiene cuz she was finally alone and had to do the cleaning herself at school. We now make sure that she gets cleaned very well almost as soon as she hits the front door. That and we have a routine established with the laxative that doesn't interfere with school. That was an issue at first because I didn't want her to have to deal with pooping at school. But it know the look you mean about the hygiene. I think you remember my earlier posts when I was so frustrated about the lectures from the Pediatrician when I knew that hygiene was not the issue. Anyway, good to see you and I hope you son is improving, as well.

Just 2 thoughts upon reading the other entries. 1-Whiteluluflower is right. Demand an antibiotic that will be effective for her particular bacteria. They can run tests to determine what antibiotic is effective for your daughter's infection. Just because Keflex (as an example) is what the book says is most effective, that does not mean that it is effective for your daughter. The doctors have been able to tell me if my daughter's bacteria is still sensitive to certain antibiotics by simply running a test on her urine. 2-The Pediatric GI doctor that I mentioned earlier told us that almost every case of recurrent UTI's in young girls that he has treated was directly related to their bowels or in most cases the size of their bowels. It didn't matter that my daughter went everyday-what mattered was the circumfrence and the hardness. My suggestion is that you make the Doctor take this thought seriously. I know that telling a doctor that you think he/she is wrong is very difficult but a good doctor will accept that we know our kids. Good luck...I will be standing right behind you in support. MsTwiddle